15 Year Old Award Winning Animation Company

Modified Second Home Animation Studios Logo to commemorate 15th Anniversary.

A little over 15 years ago we moved into an old heating factory under a railway arch. That was the start of our animation company! It had an antique petrol pump outside the back door and nicotine stained office partitions installed. In fact, it looked like a set from a 1970’s cop show. We gutted it and made it our second home. Our inaugural project was a short film called The Animal Book. A stop-motion animated tale for young audiences about going to where you belong. As such we can hand-on-heart say that we were the first animation company in Birmingham to be making stop-motion animation.

Since then we have made a bunch of animated stuff for loads of amazing people near and far. We have told stories in all the wonderful forms that animation has to offer. Being faithful denizens of Digbeth, we’ve occasionally peered out of our letterbox to see the cityscape around us change beyond recognition. As anniversary parties go, the lockdown means we won’t be sharing any champagne or canapés with our neighbours. But it’s a nice point to stop and reflect.

Second Home Animation Studios 15th Anniversary

A Versatile Animation Company

Over the years it’s been such a privilege and pleasure to work with so many incredible creatives. Not only that, but to work in so many different fields. We set up shop as one of the few animation companies in Birmingham producing stop motion. But now, our portfolio contains work achieved in 2D, CGI and mixed media. We’ve also accommodated projects involving traditional puppetry and studio based visual effects. Looking back, we’ve achieved projects none of us thought possible right at the start. We love animation in all its forms and are still open to new challenges. We don’t know what the future holds, but we’ve only come this far because of our tirelessly dedicated in-house team. Plus, all those willing and talented freelancers which our industry depends on. To every one of you out there – we salute you, we celebrate you, we thank you!