Animators Wanted!

Animators Wanted Poster - Second Home Animation Studios

Calling all UK based animators! Got 5 minutes? Take a look at our questionnaire.

Do you have the skills and equipment to produce animation from your home or studio?

We are developing a new platform and revenue stream for short form animated content made by independent creators and we want you to be part of it. 

Do you have a home animation studio?

Initially we are looking for UK based stop motion animators who are comfortable creating work independently with their own kit from concept to final delivery. We hope to be able to open this out to CG, and 2D animators soon.

To express your interest and get more information, please fill in our questionnaire about your skills, interests, and animation set-up to help us to know who is out there and what you can do.

Your input will help us to shape this new R&D platform to the needs of the animation community at this early stage ahead of launch as well as uncover great talent for us to work with in future.

We will share more details about the project as soon as we are able to and look forward to seeing your work!