Tweedy & Fluff: Albert Certification & Sustainability

Our new preschool animated series Tweedy & Fluff is proudly part of the Albert + BAFTA accredited sustainability scheme. An initiative which aims to help educate and implement ways of producing more eco-friendly on-screen productions. In this article we reflect on ways Second Home reduced our carbon footprint and achieved our Albert certification on Tweedy & Fluff.

Stop motion animation characters, Tweedy & Fluff, sitting on a wooden staircase.

A Sustainable Start

Second Home’s journey to becoming greener began with our brand-new studio to facilitate our first stop motion series. We took on an old warehouse in Birmingham and renovated it into a fully operational animation facility.

All furniture, workshop tables and office equipment were purchased second hand/refurbished or up-cycled from our old studio. The studio was awarded a sustainability grant in 2022, to help upgrade existing lighting to lower energy LED alternatives. Our new lighting is secured to lighting rigs, built using second hand scaffolding. Secondary glazing was installed to help with insulation. And we are also contracted with B&M Waste Management, an award-winning carbon neutral waste management service.

Reduce, Recycle and Reuse

The sets for Tweedy & Fluff were mounted onto animation decks, many of which were recycled from another complete stop motion production. Our 12 life-sized sets were designed with a vision of being an old weaver’s cottage. Because we were working to a real-world scale, we had the opportunity to thrift, borrow and reclaim many second-hand items. One of our favourites being a fully functional old-fashioned loom which we sourced from ‘The Loom Exchange’. We rebuilt and restored this piece which had been tucked away for years in its component parts. 

Old pallets had been stored and were finally given a purpose. We used them to create rustic floorboards for the majority of the sets. As a rule, every piece of timber in our studio tends to be reused at least three uses before it finally goes off to the chipper.

Our characters Tweedy and Fluff exist in a world populated by re-purposed items that humans have discarded or overlooked. But for our characters, these are ‘treasures’ full of infinite possibilities. Through Tweedy & Fluff’s eyes our young audience will come to see the potential in re-purposing items. And hopefully they will learn the principle of re-use from an early age. Sustainability is therefore a thread that runs through the show’s DNA and is proudly reflected in our approach to production.

Green Off-Screen

Behind the scenes, here are some of the ways we aimed to reduce our carbon footprint:

  • All paperwork was to be completed electronically. Where paper was required, we sourced ECO approved paper or recycled from existing materials.
  • Crew travel during production was kept to a minimum, walking, cycling, public transport or carpooling was encouraged.
  • For the colder months we provided USB battery powered gilets, anti-fatigue mats and encouraged layers and thermal wear.
  • Ensured we had exhausted options for using existing / second hand materials for sets and props before purchasing new.
  • Reusable batteries used where required.
  • Made our own sandbags from old denim.
  • Created static camera stands using recycled scaffolding.
  • Crafted our own soft boxes for the lighting department from in studio materials.

As an industry we still have a long way to go to creating completely sustainable productions. As a studio we will continue to take steps to ensure we are doing our part. 

You can catch Tweedy & Fluff, and all our recycled treasures, weekdays at 7am on Channel 5’s Milkshake! Or on demand service My5