Portfolio: CITV 'Share a Story'

‘Share a Story’ is a competition run by CITV that invites children to submit their short stories. The winner gets to see their story made into a short film and aired on TV.

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The Race In The Sky

We used a mix of puppetry and stop motion animation to tell this story about the sun and...

A Shark Who Swallowed The Sea - CiTV - Puppetry

A Shark Who Swallowed The Sea

Produced for CITV's 'Share a Story', this is a tale about a greedy shark, some pickled onion crisps...


The Crocodile Trap

‘Share a story’ is a competition run by CITV that encourages children to develop their writing and drawing...


My Motorbike

A stop motion fantasy of a boy who dreams of motorcycle adventures whilst playing in his back yard....


Oh, No! Where’s Zero?

A stop motion animation about what happened the day ‘Zero’ left the calculator. Written and read by Alfie...



A story about a teacher who is also a mad scientist. He tries to make his lazy pupils...