Behind The Scenes On Penny

After racking up millions of hits worldwide, we thought it was time to reveal some nuts and bolts footage of Penny ‘Arctic’ coming together complete with staplers, glue guns and little grey balls.

Below are some snaps of the hard-working team who brought this film to life. It was a marathon task with the studio shoot squeezed into two weeks and only made possible with all the willing hands from Glassworks, Clockwork Frog and Second Home getting stuck in together. Photos by Luke Unsworth, the Camera Assistant and DIT for the shoot.

Director Darren Macpherson.

Director of Photography Sam Morris.

Art Director and Concept Designer Hugo Rodriguez.

Studio Producer Chris Randall.

Laying out the Arctic ice floes.

Gaffer/Rigger Ian Whittle and Director Rüdiger Kaltenhäuser.

Studio / Art Assistant Amanda Haas.

Modelmaker Kat Simpson.

Frozen Lake scene detail.

The street where Emil and his mum live.

Frozen Lake scene with camera rig.

Inside the shed.

Entrance to the Arctic world.

Emil’s house.

Kat Simpson dressing the Frozen Lake scene.

Gaffer/Rigger Ian Whittle.