In Print – ‘My Motorbike’ Featured in Televisual

The folks at Televisual were kind enough to feature ‘My Motorbike’ in the storyboard section of their last issue. Big pictures, few words. Our kind of reading matter.

A crop of a page from Televisual magazine showing a feature on 'My Motorbike' with still frames from the short film.
Televisual magazine feature ‘My Motorbike’

My Motorbike

‘My Motorbike’ is a fantasy of a boy who dreams of motorcycle adventures. It was written and narrated by eight year old Alex Holt. The short film is a stop-motion animation made for CITV’s Share a Story, a competition designed to develop creativity in children. Children submit their stories and the winning entry is made into a 1 minute animation and aired on TV.

Second Home have been fortunate enough to be asked to create several animations for Share a Story. My Motorbike won the Best Short Form category in the BAFTA Children’s Awards 2014. It was also a winner at the Royal Television Society Awards 2015 for Best Production Craft Skills.

You can see the film on our portfolio page: My Motorbike.


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