Award Nominations

We love doing what we do. And every so often the people that dish out awards think so too. Of course, we try and make every project that we do an award-winning piece of work. So, it’s always nice when our work is recognised with an award nomination. As you can imagine, it’s big news for us when it happens. So of course, we like to talk about it!

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2D Animation

RTS Midlands Award Nominations 2022

In 2021, The Royal Television Society held their annual RTS Midlands award ceremony online. (Where we watched the celebration of creativity unfold – in our PJ’s). This year, the 2022 Midlands awards will be held

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Still from a stop motion animation showing a water aid technician repairing a tap

The Drum Roses Awards Win

We’re proud to announce Second Home Studios won a bronze award in the Illustration/Animation category of the The Drum Roses Awards. We were shortlisted for our recent stop-motion work, The Girls Who Turned To Water,

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Animation Awards

Double RTS Nomination for Sony Projects

We’re proud to announce that we’ve received two nominations in this year’s Royal Television Society Midlands Awards. Our broadcast promotion for ‘Women That Kill,’ a documentary special on Sony’s True Crime channel was picked for the

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