It’s always nice to be recognised for your work. But to be able to add BAFTA to your CV is pretty special. We’re passionate about animation in all its forms and we like to think that shows through in our work.

This page is dedicated to blog posts that reference our BAFTA awards. We hope you enjoy reading them. If you do, why not follow us on Facebook and send us a message to let us know.

Model Making

A New Stage Set for Science Of Sound

Since making the BAFTA nominated The Mechanical Musical Marvel, Town Hall Symphony Hall commissioned us to design a new stage set for their educational Science Of Sound showcase. We designed a portal which is used

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CITV – Finding Zero

Now on air – ‘Oh No! Where’s Zero?’ made for CITV’s ‘Share A Story’ competition. The story was written by 11 year old Alfie de Brito. We took his 6 panel storyboard and expanded it

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