Hand Made

A large part of what we do for our productions is bespoke model making. Whether it’s for animated or live action puppetry or for stop motion animation, our model makers must be creative and versatile.

We use all sorts of materials to create our hand-built models. All materials have different aesthetics, different textures and reflect the light in different ways. Which is why we love experimenting and playing with different model making techniques.

You can learn more about our hand-made creations by reading the posts below or by visiting our model making page.

2D Animation

Behind The Scenes On Penny

After racking up millions of hits worldwide, we thought it was time to reveal some nuts and bolts footage of Penny ‘Arctic’ coming together complete with staplers, glue guns and little grey balls. Below are

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Meet the 'Bone Gang'
Miniature Sets

Trick or Treat!

Our Halloween Homage to Harryhausen This summer we made a brilliant new creative friendship in the form of Ian Davies, photographer par excellence. Ian is in the process of collating a 100 strong collection of

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Diet Coke - Love it Light - Puppetry
Miniature Sets

Puppets Galore

Just for laughs we’ve compiled a clip reel of our projects where we’ve worked with traditional puppetry, featuring marionettes and/or rod-controlled and hand-controlled puppets. It makes a great change when we can shoot with these,

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