Penny Markt

Penny Markt is a German supermarket chain with around 3,500 stores. And, in 2018, we were commissioned to facilitate the studio motion control shoot for their Christmas campaign. The story is of a struggling mother trying to make Christmas special for her son on limited resources.

You can see ‘Arctic Christmas’ in our animation portfolio. Alternatively, you can read our blog posts, including some behind-the-scenes photographs below. If you’d like to keep informed on our work, why not follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn?

2D Animation

Behind The Scenes On Penny

After racking up millions of hits worldwide, we thought it was time to reveal some nuts and bolts footage of Penny ‘Arctic’ coming together complete with staplers, glue guns and little grey balls. Below are

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European Co-Production for Penny

In September and October this year, we were commissioned by VFX house Glassworks, Amsterdam to shoot miniature sets for the Christmas campaign for German store, Penny Market. The models were designed and built by Andy

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