It may not be animation, but we love puppetry. Often, it can be a good alternative to animation as gives a different energy and a different separation from reality. Whether they’re made from wood, clad in fur or wrapped in tin foil, we love making puppets. But it doesn’t end there. We still need creative lighting, set designers and talented puppeteers to give theatrical performances to bring them to life.

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Diet Coke - Love it Light - Puppetry
Miniature Sets

Puppets Galore

Just for laughs we’ve compiled a clip reel of our projects where we’ve worked with traditional puppetry, featuring marionettes and/or rod-controlled and hand-controlled puppets. It makes a great change when we can shoot with these,

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Behind The Scenes

(CITV) How To Trap A Crocodile

‘Share a Story’ is an awesome competition run by CITV to promote writing and drawing creativity in children. Winners get to have their story made into a short film and aired on TV. And of

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