AMC Networks International UK is the sister arm of the US cable giant. Second Home led the rebrand of their channels which rolled out across AMC Networks International UK in November 2023.

Channel Ident Compilation

Style: Motion Graphics, Branding
Client: AMC Networks International UK
Year: 2023

The Project 

The brief required the creation of a package of assets; including idents, bumpers, opticals and endboards as well as a style guide and template. The package was to included a new technical presentation kit built in Adobe software for programming staff to use quickly and easily.

AMC Networks International UK is one brand with many channels. Through the rebrand, CBS Reality became True Crime and True Crime Xtra, a decision that reflected the channels’ heavy reliance on the increasingly popular crime related content. HorrorXtra became Legend and Legend Xtra, absorbing the HorrorXtra channel and its content whilst leaning more towards the action/adventure back catalogue so loved by audiences.

The Creative

Both the refreshed Legend and the new True Crime channels were to have a cohesive design approach, but still speak for their individual content. AMC were won over by our unique pitch, connecting each channel through the idea of ‘Shadow Play’. Using the strength of shadow and silhouette to create an original, powerful, backdrop for a stylish presentation kit. Alluding to genres such as noir, crime, thriller, mystery, detective, action – while allowing each channel to have its own personality.

Our Process

We used our Birmingham based facility to design and shoot bespoke live action plates to form an extensive high quality kit of versatile and functional presentation assets. The set ups included close studies of the tools of film-making for Legend and iconic props of crime detection for True Crime, scaling in size to capture a strange meeting on a wet road at night.

A series of model movers and rigs augmented by the in-house motion control capabilities brought many of the elements to life. Rotations were created using our self-engineered turntable and pre-programmed DMX set ups. Deliberate areas of negative space were composed to introduce animated typography along with the ‘open rectangle’ motif of the unifying logos.

In post production, a defining shade for each channel was chosen – every object treated to their respective channel brand colour. Our motion graphics designers created logo and text animations to complement the pace and positioning of objects within the negative space, allowing for idents, bumpers and endboards alike. To add the final polish, all footage was graded with a heavy vignette to draw the eye and soften brightness to allow for text placement as part of the presentation kit.


“Working with SHS on these rebrands was a total joy. The challenge of creating a portfolio feel across our entire UK linear channels and streaming services, while retaining each of their distinct personalities, was a tricky proposition. Thanks to SHS’s innovative “shadow play”, we successfully reinforced our unique offerings in a clever, eye-catching, and innovative way. Our loyal viewers have been very responsive to the fresh and creative branding, as they elegantly celebrate the variety of our exciting and engaging content. Working with the team at SHS was collaborative, rewarding and most of all, fun. The whole process was a genuine pleasure and we’ve continued to work with them closely on several high-profile campaigns in 2024. ” – Matthew Stott, Executive Producer, AMC NIUK 2024