AMC Networks International UK is the sister arm of the US cable giant. We were delighted when they approached us to lead the rebrand of their channels which roll out across AMC Networks International UK on from 22nd November 2023.

AMC Networks International UK Rebrand with Legend, Legend Xtra, True Crime and True Crime Xtra Logos

Style: Motion Graphics, Branding
Client: AMC Networks International UK
Year: 2023

The Project 

AMC Networks International UK is one brand with many channels. Through the rebrand, CBS Reality would become ‘True Crime’ and ‘True Crime Extra’. While HorrorXtra would become ‘Legend’ and ‘Legend Xtra’. We worked in close collaboration with the AMC team to forge a vision and approach for the channels that appeals to new viewers while retaining their loyal audience.

The Creative

AMC were won over by our unique pitch, connecting each channel through the idea of ‘Shadow Play’ – alluding to genres such as noir, crime, thriller, mystery, detective, action – while allowing each channel to have its own personality.

Our Process

Tasked with creating editable brand assets for each channel, we used our Birmingham based facility to design and shoot bespoke live action plates that form an extensive high quality kit of versatile and functional presentation assets. These granted AMC’s in-house motion graphics team the speed and flexibility they need for day-to-day on-air graphics. The set ups included close studies of the tools of film-making for Legend and iconic props of crime detection for True Crime, scaling in size to capture a strange meeting on a wet road at night.