With the introduction of their new and improved Rail Cabinet Base (RCB), Cubis needed a detailed explainer to cover key details…

  • Style: 3D, CGI
  • Client: Cubis
  • Year: 2021

Cubis CGI & 3D Product Explainer

Cubis Systems, owned by CRH, is the global leader in the design and manufacture of access chamber and cable ducting systems for infrastructure networks. Their innovative products are used in rail, telecoms, road, water and power industries worldwide.

The client’s brief included highlighting the benefits of the new system and the ease of assembly and installation. Engagement and understanding of the product was our priority for the audience.

Our Process

We took the client’s concept from start to finish; including scripts, storyboard, 3D modelling, animation, voiceover, sound design and motion graphics. The main purpose, of the film was demonstrating how this new innovation solves many of the problems so inherent with current rail infrastructure. Material efficiency, ecological impact, safety and ease of maintenance were all benefits which needed to be visualised. This product which only needs to go into the ground once, rather than being endlessly dug up and recast into new concrete.

A Rail Cabinet alongside a railtrack - A CGI photoreal still image taken from a 3D animated explainer video for Cubis
A CGI rail cabinet base – created from CAD drawings

Using 3D animation we created photorealistic environments within which the Rail Cabinet Base could be situated. Using product CAD drawings from the client, our animators were able to separate the product layers which enabled a more detailed look. Simple animation, VO and camera movements guide the viewer through the layers step by step.

Keeping the video recognisable as a Cubis product was important. For this reason, we updated their animated ident and created motion graphics branded to their rail sector work. The client expressed their satisfaction with the voiceover we sourced and felt it added something fresh to the company’s usual communications.


Second Homes Studios’, professionalism and attention detail made them an absolute pleasure to work and collaborate with. They really brought our products to life, enabling our customers to really visualise and understand how our products can work for them. The animation produced helped our customers in what is a unique area of construction.” – Mark Liversidge – Marketing Manager Cubis Systems