This collection of idents gave the Da Vinci identity a narrative through-line of human evolution, innovation and futurism, only possible through CGI witchcraft.

  • Style: CGI
  • Client: Da Vinci Learning
  • Year: 2019

Animated Channel Branding in CGI

WINNER: Best Film and TV Motion Design, British Animation Awards, 2020

Da Vinci Learning are a German educational broadcaster with a footprint in over 100 countries. The range of subjects covered in their output is vast. We were challenged to create a small number of idents which could serve a dual purpose, covering topics like palaeontology, entomology, space exploration, propulsion, helioseismology, extra terrestrial habitats, ‘agritecture’, architecture, materials science, robotics, AI, molecular science…

In this collection, only the CGI bus would get us to where our ambitions wanted to go. ‘Amber’ is a creation of an insect honey trap which references paleontology and entomology, creating a glowing rendition of the Nautilus in the process. ‘Home’ is a skewed reference to all our favourite sci-fi exploration tropes (so sue us!) aboard a lonely orbital habitat. ‘Structures’ bounces from our pre-history as chisellers of rock on far away islands, to builders of forts, ironclad hulks and minimal concrete and onwards, upwards…! ‘2.1’ was our perfect excuse to build a robot (finally!) and ‘Life’ looks at the ancientness of single cell organisms and our origins as weird sea-creatures.

  • Branding
  • CGI
  • Compositing
  • Educational
Da Vinci – ‘Home’
Da Vinci – Structures
Da Vinci – ‘2.1’
Da Vinci – ‘Life’
Da Vinci – ‘Structures’ – Break bumper alternative view
Da Vinci – ‘Aurora’

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