Da Vinci Learning needed a host of new channel idents which visually represented their myriad subjects of adult learning. These include things like space exploration, human evolution, atomic science, arts and craft, optical physics, medicine, arctic science and climate change. The list is endless!

  • Style: Mixed Media
  • Client: Da Vinci Learning
  • Year: 2019

Channel Branding with Mixed Media Animation

WINNER: Best Film and TV Motion Design, British Animation Awards, 2020

Da Vinci Learning are a German educational broadcaster with a footprint in over 100 countries.

We love mixed media and saw an opportunity to combine topics and techniques in artful ways. ‘Ice’ uses all the tools in our box to show the arduous and ongoing quest to both study and protect the polar ice caps. ‘Tracks’ mixes up stop-motion and CGI to give a sense of where, as humans, we have been and where, through robotics, we are yet to explore. ‘Signs’ combines 2D, stop-motion, CGI, live-action and VFX to demonstrate the human ability to communicate, express and create from cave paintings to 3d printers. ‘Pistons’ focusses on the fire-and-brimstone nature of metallurgy and manufacturing and how the combustion engine is so pervasive in our progression and now, so contentious in its ubiquity. ‘Soap’ takes the magic of the spinning atom and reminds us of its presence in the humblest of domestic objects.

‘Pulse’ is a simple reminder of ever present learning necessary in medicine. ‘Papercut’ makes a (slightly avant garde) nod to arts, craft and the beauty of randomness. Similarly artsy is ‘Stained Glass’, which is a frivolous and mysterious play with light. This resulting group of idents meant that Da Vinci now have a clutch of idents which both speak boldly about their vast range of subject matter and are as varied in their content as they are in the ways in which they were made.

Da Vinci – ‘Tracks’
Da Vinci – ‘Signs’
Da Vinci – ‘Pistons’
Da Vinci – ‘Soap’
Da Vinci – ‘Pulse’
Da Vinci – ‘Papercut’
Da Vinci – ‘Stained Glass’ 1

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