Da Vinci Learning, a German educational broadcaster with a footprint in over 100 countries, needed a host of new channel idents.

  • Style: Stop-motion and miniatures
  • Client: Da Vinci Learning
  • Year: 2019

Channel Branding with Stop Motion Animation

Da Vinci Learning are a German educational broadcaster with a footprint in over 100 countries. They needed a host of new channel idents which were more appropriate for their adult learning content which gave a stylised reference to some of their learning subjects. We used stop-motion craft and miniature visual effects to create ‘Gallery’ ‘Ice’ ‘Print’ and ‘Letterpress’.

WINNER: Best Film and TV Motion Design, British Animation Awards, 2020

Gallery gives a nod to both architectural craft and culture within society through the use of an art gallery shaped like their signature Nautilus shell. ‘Ice’ makes reference to climate science and the gathering of precious ice cores using motion control and time lapse photography to signpost the continual melting of the ice caps. ‘Print’ and ‘Letterpress’ complement each in other in their reference to early print technology and human communication through ever more advancing material means. These idents reimagined the signature Nautilus in 3-dimensions, using stop-motion, miniatures and motion-control.

  • Miniature design
  • Modelmaking
  • Motion Control
  • Stop-motion
Da Vinci = ‘Ice’ bumper
Da Vinci Print 1
Da Vinci – ‘Letterpress’
Da Vinci – ‘Gallery’ Bumper 1
Da Vinci – ‘Gallery’ Bumper 2

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