Jewson needed a short and sweet TV commercial to feature a range of building products and materials for their new price matching offer; the ‘Project Price Promise!’

  • Style: Stop-motion, 2D
  • Client: Jewson Builder’s Merchants
  • Year: 2021

The brief stipulated that the objects needed to come together as though assembling on a clean white floor surface. The client needed some flexibility for final positioning. So, we found a stop-motion approach which meant we could animate each product in isolation and then composite them together. 

We animated each object on green screen in 4k performing partial rotations using our very own motion control system and then isolated moving sections most appropriate for each part of the storyboard. This enabled us to animate them digitally for best fit in the final composition. The sizes of the products ranged from small tubes of adhesive, requiring minimal rigging, to 8×4 sheets of insulation on a sturdy motorised turntable.

Most challenging was creating an animated Velux window scissoring its way into shot. We filmed this against white in order to create the right sort of specular highlights in the glass. This element was then rotoscoped from background to be inserted into the final composition. The unfurling banner was a scaled down vinyl print laminated onto black wrap. This prop was then incrementally rolled up to be played in reverse. To make it look like it wasn’t just floating, we dropped in the chipboard surface underneath a few frames ahead of it unrolling.

We also provided voice casting and sound design. Job done!

  • Stop-motion
  • Motion Control
  • CGI Animation
  • Mixed Media
  • Motion Graphics