Second Home had the delightful experience of collaborating with The Liberty Guild on behalf of classic British brand Rowse Honey.

  • Style: 2D Animation
  • Client: The Liberty Guild
  • Year: 2021

TV Commercial for Rowse Honey’s ChocoBee

Rowse launched their new product ChocoBee, delicious pots of chocolatey goodness with ingredients listed as ‘just honey and cocoa’. ChocoBee became available in Britain this Spring. Our two charming Characters, a honeybee and a cocoa pod were illustrated by Gemma Butler. Honey and Cocoa led the mini-series of hand-drawn animated videos, which were also shown on SVOD TV channels.

Firstly, our in-house team built on the designs provided to ensure that hand-painted materials, line art and paper textures were maintained in the animated approach. Our stories focused on the familial and heartfelt relationship of lifelong friends Honey and Cocoa; the interaction between these sweet and child-like characters was built on their platonic love for one another and we made every second count. The overall colour treatment was essential in demonstrating the nostalgic ‘English country garden’ appeal that the natural landscapes required, which we digitised, laid-out and rigged. 

Our goal was to create a series of videos that left the audience feeling warm and comforted by the gentle environment and simplicity of the characters and scenarios devised. We provided titles, final editing and fully mixed exports across a myriad format for the client to distribute across their social networks. 

From the team

Creative Producer Lindsay Watson said ’the nostalgic nature of the original hand-drawn illustrations, combined with the filters and texturing techniques we used in pre and post production give these videos a tactile quality in-keeping with the brands values, providing healthy, natural and delicious products for families.’

Chris Randall, Creative Director of the studio said; ‘Chocobee is a sweet treat made with simple ingredients with no palm oil. The brand speaks to an audience who value how their products are made. Gav and Gem’s idea for bringing these characters to life through the look and feel of a moving storybook chimes perfectly with our own love of hand-rendered animation. We’re big fans of classic illustration styles like Gem’s and we could treat each film as though it’s an animated vignette lifted straight off the page of a book.

  • 2D Animation
  • Motion Graphics
  • Character animation
Made For Each Other