For National Inclusion Week 2019, Sky wanted to hold up a mirror to their employees and stakeholders to challenge presumptions and practices around inclusivity, race and accessibility.

  • Style: Stop-motion and motion control mixed with 2D and CGI.
  • Client: Sky
  • Year: 2019

Cutout Animation for Inclusion Week

Nominated for Promax Europe. Best ‘Marketing Reel/Sizzle Reel/Presentation’

Previous years had used the simple image of a paper chain of people holding hands and so the Sky team asked us to use this as a starting point. We crafted a chain of different people which come alive into colourful animated characters, not a single chain of the same figure. The sets were created as miniature theatrical flats, also created in paper. These were animated through stop motion and filmed using our own in-house motion control rig. The characters were digitally animated as 2D assets and composited in place using HDRI lighting references. The end result is a living illustration of different workplace scenarios. The story is told in two parts, where the camera moves through each area where some uncomfortably familiar scenes play out. The camera then ‘rewinds’ to challenge the preconceptions and unconscious biases which so often intrude into working environments. Whilst the film allows for an optimistic tone, it places responsibility on the shoulders of all employees by asking them to ‘Step up, speak up,’ about attitudes which diminish and disempower their colleagues.

  • 2D Animation
  • Branding
  • CGI
  • Compositing
  • Cutout
  • Mixed Media Animation
  • Motion Control
  • Motion Graphics
  • Stop-motion Animation

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