Share a story’ is a competition run by CITV that encourages children to develop their writing and drawing creativity. By writing and submitting their own stories, they have the chance to see their work turned into a short animation. The competition winners get to narrate their story and see the final film aired on CITV.

  • Style: Puppetry
  • Client: CITV
  • Year: 2014

The Crocodile Trap was written and read by Leah Faulks. It’s the story of Chomp, a crocodile who lives in a sewer and is partial to the occasional bare backside. Until, one day, a boy called flint devises a plan to catch the delinquent reptile. Using a scarecrow, strong chilli powder, some rope and a sleeping potion, he puts an end to Chomps bottom biting.

As ever, we had great fun not only making the puppets and sets, but controlling and filming them too. The main characters are all marionette puppets, whilst Chomp, the crocodile, was controlled with rods.

Puppetry Portfolio

We love working with puppets, not only for the chance to get creative with models, but for the performance aspect too. For us, combining traditional puppetry with studio visual effects allows us to create an extra dimension to our story telling. Click here to see more examples of our puppetry projects in our portfolio.

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