A reel comprised of the various sequences used in the show, featuring stop-motion, 2D and CGI animation projected as one seamless 360-degree image in the round.

  • Client: 360
  • Year: 2012
  • 2D
  • CGI
  • Compositing
  • Green Screen VFX
  • Illustration
  • Mixed Media
  • Motion Control
  • Stop-motion
  • Visual Effects

The Characters

Wooden / Tree Man: The original model was made with Sculpey (polymer clay) and real pieces of bark. We then made silicon moulds from the model and built ball and socket armatures. The silicon cast was then painted with some real bark added for extra detail.

The Ghoul: As with the Tree Man, we used Sculpey clay to make the master model. We then took silicon moulds and created ball and socket armatures. Blackwrap lighting foil was used to create the armour.

The Sets

We used real ice to build the sets. Model masters were made using a range of different materials including balsa wood, planter, clay and wood. We then made silicon moulds from the master. The moulds were filled with water, glitter and whatever other particles we could find to give it texture.

Once frozen, each prop was shot against a red screen and time-lapsed over a number of hours. These were then played in reverse to show the ice growing up from the frozen wasteland.

The Team

Animation Designer/Director: Chris Randall
Stop Motion Assistant Director: Ian Whittle
Stop-motion Animation and Models: Adam Watts, Tristan Pritchard, Lauren Newman, Becky Smout, Ben Whitehouse, Nick Locquens, Drew Roper
Assistant Animators & Modelmakers: Joanne Goodchild, Natasha Williams, Abigail Walters, Orla McElroy, Sophie Huckfield, Charlotte Duckworth
Modelmakers: Emily Woodall, Carina Stuart, Leigh Townsend, Amy Jennings, Jon Kiefert
Lead Modelmakers: Paul Doran, Karen Richards
Moulding and Casting: Adam Watts, Karen Richards
Studio Assistants: Oli Weinfeld, Gary Jones, Joe Randall
Armature Engineering: Westley Wood
3D Scanning: Tom White, Steve Lane of Central Scanning
CGI Animation: Matthew ‘Mash’ O’Neill
2D lead: Natalie Bancroft
Miniature Photography: Luke Unsworth
Lead Compositor: Matthew Higginbottom
Post-Production: Adam Fenwick, Craig Reeves, Frazer Milton, David Birkill
Artworkers: Chris Warren, Matt Sandbrook

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe Projection
The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe Stage Show
Stage shot from the production showing partial 360 degree image of The Witch’s Chamber

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