West End theatre producer Michael Rose Ltd commissioned Second Home to conjure up a series of projected visual effects for their production of The Wizard of Oz at the beautiful Mayflower Theatre in Southampton.

  • Style: Mixed Media
  • Client: Michael Rose Productions
  • Year: 2007

Projection Design

The bulk of the projection was used to create a John Ford style Kansas vista as an obvious nod to the original film, although the showpiece was the pivotal twister sequence. This used a combination of back projection moving right-to left and front projection (onto gauze) moving left to right. With the revolving house truck situated in the middle, the result was the impression of a cyclonic effect engulfing Dorothy and her house. Among the spinning debris, we incorporated Matthew Kelly being struck by lightning and turning into the witch.

The Wizard of Oz - Theatre Projection Design
The Wizard of Oz – Theatre Projection Design
  • 2D
  • CGI
  • Compositing
  • Green Screen VFX
  • Motion Control
  • Stop-motion
  • Visual Effects

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