2D Animation

Based in Birmingham, our 2D Animation Studio can produce a range of visual styles to tell your story. Whether it’s for educational, broadcast or commercial purposes, we can create characters with plenty of personality… And then bring them to life.

Sketched out styles are great for that hand-made feel whereas sharp vectors make for a slick animation style. Either way, 2D animation is an incredibly versatile art. And at Second Home Studios, we are experienced in creating a variety of diverse styles within this medium. This versatility allows us to create a wide-ranging scope of projects.

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Our 2D Animation Studios

Our 2D animation studios are in the heart of Birmingham, a stones throw from the city centre. And since the company began, back in 2005, we have always embraced not only traditional, but modern animation techniques. So, whatever the project, we’ll use the best method to craft a stylised world, with memorable characters. Both of which, help personalise your brand or message.

Animated stories can enhance an informative or educational project, to communicate information visually as well as narratively. Why not talk to us to see how we can develop an original illustrative art style for your project?, Together, we’ll achieve the right mood and emotion for your audience.

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2D Animation Examples

Barking Heads

We adapted an original packaging design for the dog Bailey into a fully realised character. Not only that but we created his owner Byrne (the MD Dave is a fan of Talking Heads!). We also designed a supporting cast of different breeds and their respective owners. The environments were developed into bold graphical, tri-tone colour palettes. They were used for a range of printed cartoon strips for national press adverts and animated sponsorship idents for Channel 4’s Bake Off The Professionals.

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Help My Street

The clean character designs and pastel style backgrounds give a colourful warmth to this informative explainer short. HelpMyStreet.org is a service that helps communities coordinate efforts to look after each other during adverse times and beyond. The diverse cast of characters are designed to present the information as clearly as possible.

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Defend Digital Me

We received a brief to help communicate the unfortunate infringement of children’s rights to privacy. Defend Digital Me are a lobbying group who are striving to defend these rights. The world and characters were designed in line with their branding. However, the hero’s ‘digital doppelganger’ was designed in a blue neon to intentionally stand out as something artificial and misleading.

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Imperial College London Medical

The Second Home team developed this script along with Imperial’s academics. Together, we refined several lengthy papers into a succinct argument about antibiotic resilience. We transitioned between scenes with fluid graphics. This helped to highlight the differences between clinical and surgical applications and to illustrate the scale of the problem.

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