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Animated Short Films

Storytelling is our superpower. Sharing stories is important in the world today – with not just the ability to entertain us and make us laugh or cry, but also the incredible power to bring people together, or spark change in the world.

At Second Home Studios we have years of experience telling stories in the form of engaging short films. In our time we have been commissioned to create short films which offer something a little out of the ordinary. Aside from this, we are always developing passion projects which enable us to try new things and experiment with new characters. Short films also offer a golden opportunity to pilot a new format for a much longer span of work. Across all our projects, no matter the complexity, we prioritise characters as the most effective component in storytelling. Fuzzy blue monsters or origami figures, characters are the way into a story for viewers. We love to breathe life into all kinds of exciting characters that viewers will love to root for and build immersive worlds and environments for them to inhabit. We can help to develop scripts with events and devices to drive stories and keep viewers engaged and excited to find out what happens next.

Effective storytelling

As a visual medium, short films and animations provide a great opportunity to tell stories in unique ways. The most effective films will tell things visually, and with our animation expertise we can convey emotions and thoughts to instantly connect with your audience.

We can work through every stage of the production pipeline. We can be involved as much or as little is required. We provide production services for an existing script or can develop a script from the ground up from the briefest of briefs! We work with a talented pool of writers to develop ideas exhaustively. Storyboards and animatics (a moving storyboard) are important for planning out every detail of the film and is essential for understanding the resources required for a project. Then our talented artists can dream up beautiful concept artwork for characters and environments. We can also design and build models, whether physically in 3-dimensions or virtually. The animation stage brings the world to life and in post-production we can enhance projects to the next level, compositing elements together, adding visual effects, colour grading, editing and everything in between. We’re also versed in mixing visual media. Sound is half of the experience and we can cast the right voice actors for character work or voiceovers. As well-crafted sound design of sound effects makes the visuals feel even more alive. We also work with a wide range of musicians and composers to set the right atmosphere and emotional tone for any story.

So, if you have a story to share with the world, get in touch.

Short Films - Lilly's Wish
Short Films - The Mechanical Musical Marvel
Short Films - The Animal Book
Short Films - The Mechanical Musical Marvel
Short Films - Lilly's Wish

Short Film Examples

The Animal Book

(Stop motion animation)
A short tale about two sisters who follow a flying book to escape their harsh mechanical world to find where they truly belong. One of the earliest stop-motion shorts to be filmed using the high-def DSLR workflow, this short continues to be a crowd-pleaser at international children’s film festivals.

Click here to view.

The Mechanical Musical Marvel

(2D Animation)
A quirky animated film for children showing the principles and inner working of the mighty pipe organ. This continues to be a crowd-pleaser and educational tool at children’s film festivals around the world.

Click here to view.