Compelling animated stories


For over a decade, Second Home Studios has worked with many brands and companies to create engaging commercials to advertise a diverse range of products and services. National Express, Coca-cola and Sky, to name just a few. We always strive for the same thing on every project – tailor-made commercials that are true to your brand and message.

We understand that effective advertising begins with a clear and visual representation of a product or service. Animation is the perfect way to add authenticity to and capture the essence of your brand. We can be involved as a service studio to a well-honed pre-existing idea, or we can be involved at the early stages to assist creative development. We have been engaged for fast turnaround projects within a matter of weeks, and we are also engaged as a long-term creative agency partner for longer campaigns. In any case our creative team can help to develop an appropriate visual style to perfectly compliment your brand. We have a wealth of experience in summarising campaigns with succinct visuals, which will help to ensure that viewers immediately understand the product.

Advertising Campaign

There are a variety of ways in which our animation can benefit your advertising campaign. Character animation is a wonderful way of representing your brand and is perfect for infusing projects with some comic relief or providing an opportunity for your audience to emotionally connect with your message. We can communicate your message with a compelling animated story, creating something noteworthy and unforgettable for viewers.

There is no need to adhere to realism – we can realise any creative ideas with beautiful animation. Sometimes venturing into the abstract is the best way to go. The versatility of animation allows us to go beyond conventions, to create impressive content that will get noticed and capture people’s attention.

Social Media is incredibly important to ensure your product reaches as many people as possible. This is something we understand and can help create an advertising campaign across any and all platforms, adapting content as needed. Web banners, social media stories, shorts video adverts are all essential for increasing the reach of your content.

Commercials - Barking Heads
Commercials - Penny
Commercials - Dominos Pizza
Commercials - Ramadam

Commercial Examples

Penny, Arctic Christmas

(CGI, Motion Control)
Glassworks Amsterdam commissioned us to facilitate the studio motion control shoot for this Christmas campaign for German store, Penny. The intricate sets were rigged and lit in our Birmingham studio and served as backgrounds for the CG animated characters. 

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Pilsner Urquell ‘Legends’

(2D Animation, Stop Motion)
A stop-motion world of paper that comes to life inside Pilsner Urquell’s Book of Legends. Drawing on the unique provenance of Pilsen in the Czech Republic, this film tells the story of how the world’s first golden beer was created.

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Barking Heads

(2D Animation)
Pet loving company Pet Food UK needed a creative partner to produce a range of visual content for their Barking Heads brand across animation and illustration. A large part of their communications has been the sponsorship of the flagship Channel 4 show Bake Off The Professionals – a perfect match for their brand values of quality and nutrition.

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(Informative, educational)
In time for Ramadan 2018, this is a simple tale of a woman reminiscing about her father staying out at sea to catch fish for their neighbourhood, told using watercolour illustrations in a cutout style.

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(Stop motion animation)
Touchwood Centre, Solihull wanted to create a film for new staff members during their induction into the team, but they wanted to do something out of the ordinary. We used the pages of the centre’s guide brochure as origami fodder to create an animated host to welcome newcomers.

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(Stop motion animation)
Two 30s TV commercials wherein we rigged and animated various vegetables, sausages and real anchovies (apparently it is possible), with a veggie firework crescendo.

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