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Educational / Explainer Videos

Animation in any form is a visually exciting way to make complex information accessible. Our creative team can help create videos for informative projects of any kind, such as staff training, public information, awareness campaigns, launch videos and product demonstrations. We are very adept at expanding on the most abstract ideas to expose their inner complexity. Alternatively we can take reams of esoteric data and boil this down into salient messages.

Animation is an infinite toolbox of creative possibilities (OK, so we’re biased), which is why we love it so much. Explainer videos work well as animation because you can flip between the emotive and informative instantly, making it a very economical means of communication. Animation visualises quickly and efficiently conveys the points being made. This can be in the form of dynamic typography and infographics for speed and ease of understanding. This makes ideas and information compelling and absorbing. Even better, information can be emphasised with a storyline and characters that viewers can engage with. In tandem with this, we can design an original art style in the right animation medium for you, to achieve the suitable tone for your project.

Animated Explainer Videos

In this increasingly complex world explainers allow us to impart knowledge and information to the viewer quickly and efficiently, without resorting to pages of text or semi-static flat slide shows with endless bullet points. We’ve created training explainers for a new form of ground-breaking genetically engineered cancer treatment, unpacked the human genome, and lifted the lid on topical issues affecting society, such as the right to privacy for schoolchildren in the digital age.

By taking images, illustrations, charts, graphs and other visual elements we can add movement, colour, texture and shape to literally bring your ideas and information to life. Information presented in this way is more easily absorbed and retained by the viewer.

The style of the graphics can also help to support your brand by retaining and refining features that make your business unique, or indeed by giving you a fresh new look. An appealing style will also help to spread your information more widely, as the format is generally succinct and is easily and quickly shared, such as in an email or via social media.

Explainer Video - Help My Street
Explainer Video - Imperial College
Explainer Video - Aggreko
Explainer Video - Defend Digital Me
Explainer Video - Grass Roots

Explainer Video Examples

Grass Roots

(Cutout Animation)
We used our creativity and story-telling expertise to craft an authentic and engaging animation to tell the Grass Roots story, right from their principles of sustainable farming and the benefits of their regenerative agricultural practices to the exceptional quality of their pasture raised meats.

Click here to view.

Defend Digital Me

(2D Animation)
We designed a clean 2D animation style to suit the tone and informative nature of the project. The glowing blue jigsaw pieces, which stand out from the otherwise warm colour palette, represent the various pieces of information being collected, building up to create a blue, ghostly figure.

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Help My Street

(2D Animation)
The clean character designs and pastel style backgrounds give a colourful warmth to this informative explainer short. HelpMyStreet.org is a service to help communities coordinate efforts to look after each other, during adverse times and beyond. The diverse cast of characters are designed to present the information as clearly as possible.

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Imperial College London Medical

(2D Animation)
Our team developed this script along with Imperial’s academics. We refined several lengthy papers into a succinct argument about antibiotic resilience. We transitioned between scenes with fluid graphics to highlight the differences between clinical and surgical applications and to illustrate the scale of the problem.

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Aggreko Bridge The Gap

(2D Animation)
Aggreko build generator sets for the construction industry which enable companies to operate off grid. ‘Bridge The Gap’ was given to us as a brief to illustrate how companies can use these ‘gen-sets’ as a stopgap between running from grid power to fully sustainable power. The different generator products had to be illustrated and featured for their compatibility with wind and solar renewables. We developed the design and flow of the explainer to show the benefits of these generators in use with industry.

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