Motion Graphics

Augment any film or bring your branding and identity to life with composited effects, animation and eye catching typography. We can use motion graphics to communicate an idea to your audience and enhance any visual story. What’s yours?

Application of Motion Graphics

Motion graphics can be a great way to add an extra dimension to your branding. We can create a dynamic, moving logo and illustrate your product with energetic animation. Combined with appropriate sound and music, the end result will be a visual experience that will grab people’s attention.

Motion Graphics Agency

Immediately capture the atmosphere and mood of your programme, film or channel with an engaging title sequence or ident. Alternatively, for educational and informative projects, convey information in a clear and appealing format with animated visual aids and illustrations. Motion graphics can also be used to create a memorable music or lyric video to elevate and give extra emphasis to your song.

See below for some examples of how we have employed motion graphics for some of our clients.

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Motion Graphics Agency - Screenshot 03
Motion Graphics Agency - Screenshot 05
Motion Graphics Agency - Screenshot 01

Motion Graphics Examples

DaVinci Idents

We played with a whole host of materials and technologies in our idents for Da Vinci media. Symbolising the many areas of learning on the channel, we kept the visual clear, with the logo kept present through all idents in a variety of inventive ways.

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To demonstrate National Express’ new onboard entertainment app VUER, we designed informative yet fast-paced stylish graphics to clearly explain the exciting features of the app.

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A mix of pixilated stop-motion with bold movements and animated typography, worked to highlight the key features of the Griga multi-tool.

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Tame Valley

An animated map with updating information was an effective way to illustrate the history of the River Tame. We enhanced this with 3D graphics and 2D animation in this motion graphics work for the Tame Valley Wetlands Partnership Scheme.

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Rekorderlig’s life story can be experienced in this slick motion graphics video, showing the many milestones throughout the brand’s growth with animated text and images, all revolving around a CG render of their famous cider.

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