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Stop Motion Animation

Puppets, miniature castles, paper, trees, breeze blocks, pizzas – animation with models, puppets and everything in between. There’s nothing else quite like the tactile physicality of stop motion animation. Real studio, real lights, real camera.

Our love of stop motion (sometimes referred to as stop frame animation) at Second Home Studios is limitless. The art of breathing life into once static puppets and models to create something timeless is something we pride ourselves in.

Our skilled model makers handcraft each imaginative and expressive character and our talented animators carefully and precisely give them distinct personalities. We design, build and paint exciting and detailed environments in our studio, where these characters can come alive.

Stop Motion Studios

From advertising a product, requiring a clear and informative presentation, to telling a story filled with charm and personality, Second Home Studios will guide, shape and fulfill your vision. We love to experiment and explore new ideas and stop motion can be the perfect tool for this.

It’s universal appeal makes it a medium that can adapt to any project, even going beyond traditional models and making use of pixilation – a technique used to make the movements of live actors and objects appear to move in an animated fashion.

Take a look at the plasticine figures in some of our short animations for “Share a Story” or the paper cut-out characters we created for “Sky Inclusion Week” to see how we work with a wide range of materials.Whether it’s paper, puppets or pizza – nothing is off limits!

Stop Motion Animation - Pilsner Urquell
Stop Motion Animation - E4 Ident
Stop Motion Animation - Da Vinci Learning
Stop Motion Animation - CITV Ident

Stop Motion Animation Examples

My Motorbike 

(characters, story telling)
Our stop motion experience enabled us to produce this fast paced action sequence set in an epic environment, filled with colour and energy.

Click here to view.

Oh No, Where’s Zero?

(characters, story telling)
Here we created fun and unexpected characters with plasticine and gave each number their own personality in their movements and design.

Click here to view.

Sony Pop Channel Ident

Physical models of machines and contraptions filled with fun details are the focus of our stop motion seasonal idents for the Sony children’s channel Pop.

Click here to view.

Make Me White

We used stop motion and pixilation in this unsettling sequence for a BBC documentary about the potential health risks of skin whitening products.

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