Add some VFX magic...

Visual Effects

Level up your projects with cutting-edge Visual Effects. From fiery metal forges of molten metal, to Arctic ice cores, our set-up enables us to shoot live VFX elements for documentary, drama, commercial or corporate films.

Seamlessly blend different layers of footage – backdrop your shots with matte-paintings of impressive vistas or integrate animated elements with live footage – compositing makes it possible for us to fuse elements and make you believe what you see is real.

We will often use our VFX expertise to fulfil your vision, whichever medium we’re working in. For example, removal and replacement of wires and rigs in our stop-motion work, as well as using green-screen techniques to transport characters to new and exciting places.

VFX Magic

We can prepare, shoot and composite, all in house. We have used our studio to capture the power of natural elements such as wind, snow, fire, ice and water. We will often use high-speed photography to capture images in slow motion. This can create a contemplative slowness to beautiful shots, or add spectacle and scale to miniature models.

Any and all projects can benefit from some Visual Effects magic – whether it’s adding a few sparks or bubbles to a scene, or removing and replacing unwanted elements from your shot, all the way to augmenting images with CGI or stop-motion animation to create a unique visual sensation.

Commercials - Touchwood
Special Effects - Da Vinci Learning - Soap
Special Effects - Pilsner Urquell
3D Animation - Screenshot 02

Visual Effect Examples


(Green screen, stop-motion into live action)
This quirky induction video for Touchwood is a mix of live-action footage and a stop-motion animated character, achieved using green screen VFX and compositing. The seamless result allows the character to interact with the real world.

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Pilsner Urquell ‘Legends’

(Compositing, VFX)
We used VFX to elevate the stop-motion cut-out animation even further, to create this beautiful stylised paper world. Through compositing we created a magical effect of raining ink drops, imprinting letters onto the paper buildings.

Click here to view.

Da Vinci Mixed Media

We had a lot of fun blowing bubbles and playing with ice to create the special effects for these vibrant idents for Da Vinci Learning.

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